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Gifted students

Gifted Education

Critical & Creative Thinking

Indooroopilly State School identifies and provides students who excel, or have the potential to excel, with the opportunities to develop their potential through appropriate curriculum provision.

Our school employs an Extension Curriculum Teacher whose role is to assist teachers in identifying and providing support for these students and coordinate programs pertinent to the needs of high achieving students. The philosophy embraced by Indooroopilly has its foundations in the department of Education & Training Policy.  Click here to see the policy statement.

Ability Grouping

To support high achieving children in class, students are clustered in groups across the classrooms to enable these students to work together in an environment where the classroom teacher provides higher order thinking tasks related to the Australian Curriculum.

Australian Maths Trust

The Newton and Dirichlet level sessions provide rigorous and robust mathematical challenge for students in a problem solving context. These challenging tasks investigate the concept areas of polyominoes, polyhedra, patterns, pre-algebra concepts, tessellations and formula. This program requires significant perseverance and application from the high achieving students.

University of New South Wales Academic Competitions

Students interested in the challenge of this mind stretching academic competition are offered to participate annually. The competitions subjects include Science, Mathematics, Writing, English and Digital Technologies.

Maths Tournament and Maths Team Challenge

Interschool maths competitions are attended by excelling students. A number of opportunities arise during the year where students are selected, trained and participate in team competitions. The mathematical tasks involve advanced problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration.

Future Problem Solving Club

This very challenging competition provides students with extensive critical thinking opportunities within a team situation. Students study historical events, current events and future issues and apply this knowledge in problem solving scenarios. Gifted students thrive in this atmosphere of challenge as the information is compacted, academically demanding and presented at an accelerated pace. A significant part of this program involves creative thinking where students are able to make links with research based evidence to determine new and innovative ideas.


Chess games are run during lunchtimes to provide students with a chance to hone their strategic skills. All age students are welcome to attend. Interschool competitions opportunities arise during the year.

After school chess coaching is provided by the Gardiner Chess Club.


Mathematicians & Scientists in Schools

This is an initiative coordinated between the CSIRO and Australian Government Department of Education & Training. It promotes long-term partnerships between teachers, mathematicians and students. One of our school community parents represents the Mathematicians in schools initiative at Indooroopilly. She has a software engineering background and generously works with a number of classes on a weekly basis.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Program (S.T.E.M.)

The Kids’ S.T.E.M. Convention is a stimulating event where high achieving students participate annually. The program is organized and coordinated by a volunteer committee of Education Queensland staff and industry partnerships. The event provides a high quality three phase learning experience for capable students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The convention is held at the University of Queensland and afterwards the students prepare, run and present their own investigations at the Queensland Academy of Science, Maths Technology at Toowong.


Coaching sessions are provided by debating coaches from the Queensland Debating Union. Opportunities to be selected for interschool debating competitions arise during the year.

Writer’s Camp

This annual event provides an opportunity for excelling writers to enhance their skills and further develop their creative style. The students work with successful authors during this event such as Jill Morris.